Is Tamiflu Best to Help Fight Flu?

The undesirable chills, aching muscles, headache, and fever that accompanies a flu infection is not something anybody wants to endure. Everyone tries to prevent catching the flu, but if they fail, they do their best to shorten the time they have to spend curled up in bed with these terrible symptoms.

The antiviral drug – oseltamivir sold under the brand name Tamiflu can help an ill person to bounce back from the flu faster, making it an appealing option for many.

Studies conducted to establish Tamiflu’s efficacy and safety show that this drug, when taken within the first 48 hours from the first appearance, helps manage flu. This medicine can reduce approximately one day for the typical flu symptoms duration of 7-10 days. A recent study revealed that this drug could be more effective in older patients aged 65 and over. Older people with more severe illness and other medical conditions could see a reduction of up to 2-3 days when using Tamiflu.

While Tamiflu can help shorten the flu symptoms’ duration, this antiviral drug is not suitable for everyone.

Tamiflu works by interfering with the proteins the flu virus uses to reproduce. When you take this medicine, it stops the flu virus from multiplying, buying your immune system the crucial time to destroy the infection. However, the same mechanism this drug used to hinder the virus can cause problems for some people. Following are some of the answers to the primary questions about the benefits and disadvantages of Tamiflu.

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Who are the people best suited for receiving this antiviral medication?

According to experts, this medicine is the best option for people at a higher risk of developing flu complications. It is because their immune system is not strong enough to fight the virus without assistance. Experts recommend taking this drug to people with the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Liver, blood, or neurological disorders
  • Asthma or other breathing problems

People who are significantly overweight can also get this drug’s benefit.

What are the potential complications of flu for immune-compromised patients?

In about 7-days after the initial symptoms of flu appear, people with a weakened immune system or the above-listed condition are at significant risk of developing a bacterial infection.

In some instances, this bacterial infection can put the immune-compromised in hospital. Consuming Tamiflu can help shorten the flu duration and also reduce their risk of contracting pneumonia.

Why would low-risk individuals want to consume Tamiflu?

Some people would like to take this medicine because it can help reduce the time they remain sick, even if the reduction is only day-or-two.

They consider this medicine as a means to get back to work sooner. This drug can also reduce the risk of infecting others, including young children or older adults, especially during a flu epidemic.

What are the disadvantages of taking this medication?

Typically, depending on your insurance, you can get Tamiflu for $35-$45. While it is not that hard to get this drug, its potential side effects might deter you from using it if you are not a high-risk individual.

Tamiflu can cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. You have to consider if one less day of flu worth the risk of potential side effects. This medicine is also ineffective against bacterial infection, and it is not a flu vaccine substitute.

How can you get Tamiflu?

You can get this medicine by going to your healthcare provider within 48 hours of experiencing any flu symptoms. Once your doctor prescribes it, you will need to consume it twice a day for five days.

How to know if the symptoms are a sign of flu or the common cold?

People associate with the flu the typical symptoms include a sore throat, cough, high fever, headache, muscle aches, and occasional runny nose. The usual common cold symptoms might consist of a runny nose and cough. However, the common cold does not cause a high fever or body and muscle aches.

If you are unsure whether your symptoms are of flu or the common cold, it would be best to seek expert advice before taking any medication.

If Tamiflu is not right for you, what other options do you have?

You can drink plenty of fluids and take a rest. Hot tea and honey, chicken soup, and other such edibles can also comfort you during the flu. However, these things don’t have any scientific basis for helping with flu symptoms.

The most crucial thing when facing the flu is hydration. Frequently drink plenty of water. Another thing to focus on is to keep the fever under control. You can use medications like acetaminophen and generic anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil or Motrin for that. After these remedies, you need to give your body time to recover from the flu.


It is better to take steps to avoid the flu than to look for a remedy that works best. Getting the flu vaccine should be everyone’s priority when it comes to flu prevention. If everyone gets vaccinated in time, there will be less need for flu medications.

The most important thing people can do is to get the influenza vaccine each year. It protects not only the individual, but also the other people around them.


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