How to spot Fake Yellow Xanax Bars

How to spot Fake Yellow Xanax Bars

Alprazolam, a generic medication that comes under the brand name Xanax, is a prescription drug that provides you relief from anxiety and panic. Many people misuse benzodiazepines to experience euphoria or “high.” That’s why the medicine often appears on the black market.

According to law enforcement administrators, not all Xanax sold by drug sellers is genuine. Instead, some dealers sell fake yellow xanax bars that pose a variety of critical health risks.

What Are Xanax Bars?

Xanax comes in various shapes and colors, and generic forms of alprazolam may also come in more variety. Pfizer owns the Xanax brand, and they distribute Xanax in several types. 

Xanax may distribute different doses of the medicine that you can differentiate by color. Other companies manufacture generic versions of the drug, and the law prohibits them from selling pills that are accurately like the brand name.

Xanax users bars are known to intentionally mix the two xanax as well, though authorities say the combination can boost respiratory depression and be predominantly yellow.

Yellow Xanax Bars

RO39 numbers additionally look like yellow Xanax bars. It includes the dynamic alprazolam in 2mg sum that allows it to work. Bars yellow Xanax appears comparative in the working rate as the white Xanax bar issues.

Yellow Xanax Bares appears as a momentary-acting benzodiazepine due to its enduring state. Also, it works by improving the particular synapse in the cerebrum. You can use all variations for controlling uneasiness and frenzy problems. Nonetheless, it very well may be joined with various medications also to adjust to ailments.

Actavis Pharmaceuticals manufactures the yellow Xanax bar with the same size, shape, and dosage as the other bars. Like the blue bar, it has an identification printed on one side and blanks on the other. The code reads R039.

The Rise of Fake Yellow Xanax Bars

Despite the well-documented dangers of consuming nonprescription and fake Xanax, increasing numbers of people worldwide continue to buy it. Like all benzodiazepines, this medication is highly addictive and habit-forming.

Once people have fallen into addiction to it, they are ready to go to extreme and risky lengths, such as purchasing fake Xanax to get their fix. Drug dealers have identified a market to provide false Xanax as a cheaper and readily available form. While health risks are clear, consumers worldwide continue to support its manufacturing by creating a demand for unauthorized markets to fill.

How to Identify Fake Xanax?

Buying illegal Xanax pills is inherently hazardous for your health. Drug dealers can make fake pills into shapes and colors similar to the real thing with the right tools. However, counterfeit bars are more likely to have inconsistencies than those from the Pfizer manufacturer.

First, logos and brands you do not recognize are a red flag. Some sellers are more concerned with building their local brands than simulating the real thing. They may also have a pill make without the popper stamps to make it look genuine. They may put a word, symbol, or number on the tablet to look like an original drug.

Colors may also be slightly different, significantly, if you cut the pill with a colored substance. You may also see more subtle signs like a bar color that doesn’t meet the dosage number. For instance, a blue oval bar that has a 0.5 written on it. Xanax bars have a seamlessly tapered border, while fake bars have a different ridge around the edge.

You can spot fake yellow xanax bars by their taste, texture, hardness, and color. If you see some Xanax Bars are lighter, and some are dark, they are fake. 

Another way to identify is the gloss coat, and fake Yellow Xanax Bars have no gloss or a high gloss. The actual bars have a slight gloss coating. 

The size and shape of the Xanax Bars are a significant factor. There should also be sharp and clean edges on them if they are real. Many of the pressed ones have a press line on the bar’s side, and sometimes it’s noticeable sometimes it is not. 


The best way to be assured they’re real is to either get directed or look at the prescription container from the person selling Yellow Xanax Bars to you to check if it’s the suitable bars it explains, the refill date, and to who can use it. 

Just know, 90% of Xanax pills sold on the streets or illegally are fake. That is a considerable amount. It’s not worth using fake bars, getting addicted, wasting money, having side effects/withdrawal signs, messing up your memory, and ruining relationships with family and friends.

Still, legal pills are much more challenging to get than fake pressed pills. Counterfeit drugs may be much more common than the actual thing, and they can be indistinguishable from real. If you purchase Xanax from an unauthorized source, it may not be genuine, even if it looks similar.

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