Dilaudid 2mg

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Dilaudid 2mg is used to treat normal to severe pain. Dilaudid 2mg has the opioid (hydromorphone) which heals the sensation of pain by acting on the brain cells.

External Appearance of Dilaudid 2mg:

Imprint: P on one side, and number 2 on the other side.
Color: Light Orange
Shape: Round-shaped tablets.

Description of Dilaudid 2mg:

Generic name: Hydromorphone.
Strength: 2mg
Drug Class: Opioids (narcotics).

How to take Dilaudid 2mg?

  • Take medication as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Take the lowest effective dosage of hydromorphone to avoid the chances of addiction and side
  • Take 2-4mg of the drug every 4-6 hours per day.

12 reviews for Dilaudid 2mg

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