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What is the use of Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is the brand name for the popular generic drug named as Hydromorphone. It is categorized under the opioid medication drugs that are sometimes also called as a narcotic drug. This drug is used to treat moderate to severe pain that may be taking place in a human body. There can be other purposes of Dilaudid that are not mentioned here. Although this drug does not severely affect your body, it is better if you take a recommendation from a health expert.

Important Facts :

  • Patients who take Dilaudid regularly will develop their tolerance for the drug. They may further require frequent doses of Dilaudid to get the desired effect of the drug.
  • Doctors mostly prescribe Dilaudid for pain relief related to cancer, injuries, or burns.
  • Similar to other opioid drugs, Dilaudid can also cause hormone imbalance. It usually occurs with heavy use of the drug.
  • The highest percentage of people who were found abusing Dilaudid in the year 2014 were between the age group of 18 to 25.

What are the side effects of Dilaudid?

The side effects of Dilaudid that generally occur can be due to the opioid nature of the drug. People who haven’t taken an opioid drug before will not be able to maintain their tolerance for a high dosage of Dilaudid. So, it is better if you start with a minimal dose of the drug and then increase the dosage on a weekly basis. However, even after taking the drug as per the guidelines, there can be cases of side effects.

Commonly seen side effects pf Dilaudid –

  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Sweating for no reason
  • Itchiness
  • Mouth gets dry
  • Redness of the skin
  • An extreme change in behavior (sadness or happiness)

These side effects may wear-off with time. It generally occurs due to the reason that a person may not be tolerant of opioid medication.

 Severe side effects of Dilaudid –

  • Shallow breaths
  • Weakness
  • Feeling of extreme happiness or sadness
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Feeling like you may pass out
  • Impotency or other sexual problems
  • Loss of appetite

These types of side effects can be dangerous at times. It is important that you take them into consideration before they have any harmful impact on your system. Patients should always take Dilaudid as per the prescription provided by the health expert.

Necessary precautions that you shall take while using Dilaudid

Below are listed some of the precautions that you should take while using Dilaudid for pain relief –

  • You are advised not to take Dilaudid if you have any severe breathing issues, respiratory problems, or blockage in your stomach or intestine.
  • This drug can even slow or stop your breathing when the dosage is changed.
  • Do not take Dilaudid in a larger amount or for a longer period of time. Doing so will cause dependency over the drug that will not be suitable for your health.
  • Do not cut, break, or chew the tablet, take it as a whole and swallow it.
  • Always take recommendation from your health expert and then start with the usage of the drug.
  • Do not share your dose of Dilaudid with anyone else. Especially people who have a history of drug abuse.
  • Consumption of Alcohol is strictly not allowed when you are on a regular dose of Dilaudid. It can bring about the side effects that will have a dangerous impact on your health.
  • If you are suffering from any serious health issue, inform it with the doctor. Do not take the drug on your own as it can have a bad impact on your health and condition.
  • Women who are pregnant should not be taking this drug as it can get transferred to the baby in the womb. Take proper consultation from a health expert before starting with the daily dose of the drug.

Dosage Forms and Strength of Dilaudid –

The tablets od Dilaudid come in a different dose that is differentiated from each other. Some of the popularly prescribed tablets of Dilaudid are as follows –

  • Dilaudid 2mg – It is a round-flat tablet that is orange in color. It has P imprinted on one side of the tablet and 2 on the other side.
  • Dilaudid 4mg – It is a flat tablet that is round in shape and yellow in color. The tablet has P imprinted on one side and 4 on the other side of the tablet.  
  • Dilaudid 8mg – It is a triangular-shaped drug that is white in color. The tablet is bisected with a P and an inverted P and on the side of the tablet is an 8.

These tablets shall not be taken without taking a proper prescription from a health expert. The dosage of 8mg is considered strong and shall only be taken if the doctor allows for it.

What other drugs may affect the use of Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is a drug that may interact with a number of drugs available in the market. It can also be severe at times and cause dangerous side effects on the health of the patient. Inform your doctor prior to the use of Dilaudid if you have been taking –

  • Narcotic medications – pain medicines that are generally opioid or any other prescribed medication for cough.
  • Drugs that can cause sleepiness and slow down your breaths – muscle relaxer, sleeping pill, medicine that help with mood swings or mental issues.
  • Drugs that are affecting the serotonin level of your body – medicine for depression, migraine headaches, stimulant drugs, serious infections, causing vomiting.
  • Sedative drugs – like Diazepam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam, Xanax, Klonopin or others.